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I am a Finance Homework Tutor & I provide Finance Homework Help for the students of MBA Finance, MFC, College Finance, Corporate Finance, Basic Financial Management. I provide help in Finance Homework & Financial Management Assignments Help, Finance Word Problems, Easy Finance Question Solutions, Answers to typical Financial Management Problems, Online Finance Exam Help, Online Finance Quiz Help, Help in Online Tutor (On-Demand) & also Finance tutor for Finance Tests Online, Online Finance Tutor also for International Finance, Strategic Finance, Finance MCQ's

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We help in following areas:-

(1) Net Present Value, Future Value & Discounting

(2) Present Value & Compounding

(3) MACRS Schedule, Depreciation, Tax, Interest in Finance


(5) Bonds, Valuation, YTM, Yield to Maturity, Coupon Rate

(6) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

(7) Equity Valuation & Bond Valuation

(8) Project Evaluation & Capital Budgeting

(9) Ratio Analysis & Cash Flow Statement

(10) CAPM, M-M Hypothesis, EMH, Diversification, APT

(11) Capital Structure & Cost of Capital

(12) Working Capital MANAGEMENT

(13) Stock Market, Beta, TIE, ROE, N/P, G/P, TAT, Risk

(14) Variance, Covariance & Standard Deviation & Beta Risk

(15) WACC, Cost of Equity, Trading on Shares & After Tax Effect on Cost of Debt

(16) Risk Free, Inflation Rate & Floatation Cost Effect

(17) Break Even Point, CVP Analysis

(18) Cash Flow Statement (Direct Mathod) & (Indirect Method)

(19) Annuity Due, ABC, EOQ, RADR & CE Approach, Ratios

(20) Income Statement & Balance Sheet